God knows all about you

God knows all about you (but are you sure you know all about him?)

Almost everyone believes in God, and many people also believe they know God.

But how well do they? As far as God goes, there’s nothing He already doesn’t know: past, present, and future. You can do nothing without God knowing every detail about what you’ve done or will do.

So first of all, if you don’t believe that, then it’s for sure you don’t know who God really is; and if your life ended today, you would have a problem.

Now, if you believe God knows all things and can do anything, you’re on the right track, but there is more. For anyone to truly get to know God, you have to do so by knowing His Son, Jesus, first.

Jesus is the only way to ever get to God. Jesus himself said in John 6:44, “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” There are many who think they know God in some certain way, but there’s only one way. Apart from that, you can never truly know Him.

You can’t hide anything from God, yet some people try. He knows every little detail about your actions and words; there is an account taken down by your name of all these things, and unless you repent and ask God’s forgiveness through the name of Jesus, this account remains open.

Many forget that and leave their accounts unchecked. Still, someday this will be opened up, and unless you’ve straightened out some things with God by asking for forgiveness and strength to do better, all through Jesus who seals the deal, then you may find you didn’t know near enough about God.

He knew and still had a record of way too much against your account. Jesus can clean it all. Be honest with God, and through Jesus, you will receive a pardon from all sins you’ve ever committed.

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