God Does Not Make Us All The Same

As we look at other people, we notice that everyone has different looks, shapes, thoughts and abilities. Sometimes there are some who do look somewhat like another person but there always will be a distinct characteristic somewhere because God created all uniquely.

Some people gravitate more to others because of personalities or preferences, and some don’t. That is just people and life. So my question to be asked is: What makes it different in the church body?

I mean the body of believers; “Christian” people who do profess Jesus as Savior and Lord and work at trying to live their lives in such a manner. If we believe God’s Word as it is- just that: God’s Word- and live our lives in such a way to live it out to others who haven’t believed yet, then we should learn to be more open-minded and tolerant of other Christians.

The point I am trying to get across is that each of us is different by God’s choice, not ours, and because of that we can contribute to serving and living out Christianity in special and unique ways. But for some reason there are those who think God only does certain things one way, and they aren’t so open-minded. For instance, I myself don’t understand the heavy Christian rock music, but if it is a way God uses, than I need to keep my opinion to myself and not hinder others who might benefit from it.

I do believe God does have boundaries, but it may not always be so easy to see them because of opinions. I need to let God work that area out because I don’t fully understand.

In churches today there are many names on the door, all put there by man, for there is only one true church- that of Jesus Christ. I recognize that some of the denominational movements have gotten away from the Bible so they are not all Bible-based and can be checked as such; yet there are many good churches.

But when any group gets away from what the Bible says, it is because they are listening too much to what the world says; we need to be careful of our words against Christian churches that do preach the Word of God. If you don’t understand their ways, then leave your opinion to yourself and don’t discourage others who may be interested in that style of worship or teaching.

God did some pretty weird things, the Bible tells us, and if He is still the same yesterday, today and forever like His Word says, then don’t speak out so quickly just because some churches don’t follow your church’s pattern.

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