Delayed Gratification

How many of us want it now: that new house or new car?

It could be a variety of different things, but most of us want it now. That’s what seems to be most important to a good portion of the American people.

Many people believe that they work to accumulate possessions and to live the life they want. And, amazingly, many people do.

But, what happens when they can’t have what they want right now? Many people will go to extremes to acquire the item even though they can’t afford it. They may start working overtime, gambling, or resort to dishonest scheming to acquire or maintain the treasured item.

It is sad to say, but the majority people in this country care more about what they want now than what is to come.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:19 not to build where moth and rust can eventually destroy, but invest in those things that are eternal and free from decay. Way too many of us want what we want and set out to acquire the treasure only to find out that we are not satisfied with it after we have it.

Sadly, many people never find out that things will never satisfy the holes in our hearts. There is a longing that no amount of material things can satisfy. Jesus is the only one who can fill the empty space in the heart and bring peace to the longing.

No, it isn’t wrong to want things. Today some of the things we want are needs. God tells us that if we trust in Him, He is faithful and just to provide all of our needs. There will be no need to scheme, gamble or get carried away with overtime to have our wants.

When we tend to the Lord’s work, according to the Lord’s plan for His kingdom, the blessings of wants will be acquired and enjoyed much, much more.

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