Christians Must Take a Stand Now

Never before in history has America faced such a spiritual decline. America does not have a political problem, but a moral problem, and the Christians must engage the culture now. Daniel did when he was taken to Babylon. He rose up in a very vile culture and changed it because God gave him favor.

That same God rules today. He is still the same, and He’s waiting for us to be light to this darkness that we now face. God will give us favor.

I honestly believe that we are in a full out race to the end of this world as we know it. I truly believe that God is moving people into position in order to make a great impact on this world.

The only question is: will people choose to accept the position that God wants to put them in? Some will be in the labor force; some will provide the resources for the labor.

God is positioning people to push this last great outpouring of his life-saving, life-changing power upon the people of this Earth.

I urge you to pay close attention to what God may be doing in your life today for His greater purpose. If you call yourself a Christian, begin to act like it, and do not bow to the gods of this world.

We need to be different enough that people can see we are Christians, and as Christians, we have authority to claim our nation for Christ.

Give to Caesar the things that are rightfully Caesars, but we as Christians must never, under any circumstances, give to the Caesars the things that belong to God.

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