Changing the Society

George was born in 1624, the son of a village weaver. He was a member of a respectable family, yet George was different somewhat. He would play with the other children, but not take part in jokes, pranks or any rude behavior.

He was a thinker and had an unusual gift in observing what people were really like. George was smarter than most his age and worked hard to help his family and learned to be a shoemaker and an honest, gifted businessman.

But then one day George took a different path. He knew the world around him and a lot of moral looseness, even though back then drinking beer was like us drinking a pop. There was too much excessive drinking that repulsed him.

George was a faithful man to the ways of God, yet there was more he could sense. Leaving home in a big hat, hair uncut and leather clothing, he’d travel knowing God had spoken to him to stand up for what was right. George tried to talk to some different preachers about how he felt. God was leading him, but could find none that had an answer.

He’d enter a community and visit churches and challenge pastors to stay true to God’s word and preach fairly, for all people were equal. He’d talk issues with political leaders to be fair in how they ruled the people, challenging them to use biblical methods, that these would best govern the people.

George even entered stores explaining to those owners to not cheat the people, but to deal honestly with all men and women, rich or poor. Then George would enter taverns telling the tavern keeper to not sell to people in excess for money, for many would get drunk and behave rudely. He’d even get onto people for telling dirty jokes, condemning them for such degrading talk.

George began to get quite a few followers and at the same time get quite a few people very angry with his ways. George was put in jail or prison over 100 times during his lifetime, and so were many of his followers.

He or his followers would never fight with people. They would take issues with sinful ways by fierce preaching; in fact, many would shake as they prayed, speak in spiritual languages and then sit in silence for hours depending on how the spirit would move them.

George didn’t want to start another church denomination, but his followers grew to thousands, and missionaries went out all over the world to tell people how to be saved through Jesus Christ and how they had power in that life through Christ to heal the sick and defeat evil.

George became a friend to many. In fact, other Christians proclaimed his followers as Quakers because of how they would shake during spiritual moments. George Fox wasn’t afraid to deal with society no matter the cost- and we shouldn’t either- for once again our nation needs such men and women.

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