Blessed are Those who Speak the Truth

Great man are truly great when they know and live the work of God. There’s no greater blessing for a nation, state, city or community that sees its leadership directed by a higher authority above all others.

So many people talk of Christ and God’s Word, but so few actually lead from it.  One that did was our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson, who had to lead America into World War 1. Because if he had not, he said the central power of Germany and others would have destroyed western civilization.

Here is a portion of a speech he gave in 1911 as he viewed the nation and the Bible:

There are great problems before the American people which need purity of spirit and integrity of purpose such as never been called on before in the history of our country. I should be afraid to go forward if I did not believe that there lay, at the foundation of all our schooling and of all our thought, this incomparable and unimpeachable Word of God.

Only those who guide and those who follow, who take this providence of God from the source where it is authentic, have the happiness of knowing that there are those who seek life and know the lamp from which their spirits can be kindled is the lamp that glows in the Word of God.

No great nation can ever survive its own temptations and its own folly that does not indoctrinate its children in the Word of God. I know that my feats must rest with the feet of my fellowman upon this foundation only.

Does this seem somewhat foreign to what we are seeing and hearing from many of our leaders today?

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