A Day Like No Other

A Day Like No Other

Today is like no other in history.

There are some resemblances to other days gone by, but now we live in a world that is much different. Life is not so simple anymore. It may never be again because of world events and more movement all over the world in general.

Bringing more of the world into our lives causes us to see many variations of lifestyles, and most of all the different beliefs. Religions once heard about but not commonly known are no longer the case. There are many forms of religions now practiced, and political correctness is decaying our very foundation of belief.

Why? Because too many have built their lives on weak and now-crumbling platforms that can’t stand the test of these times we now live in.

The Bible tells us these days will come, and they have. In the past there have been so-called “Christian” leaders and pastors teaching and preaching what they believe, never even reading from the Bible that lays on the pulpit in front of them during their sermon.

God can’t and won’t allow them to continue, but many are being led astray simply because their spiritual roots are shallow. In some places, you can’t tell the difference between a so-called Christian and any other religious person.

Many have become tolerant, and we will pay a price for it. Yet God will rescue us if we really want Him to.

The question is: do we?

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