What Is Your Source?

There’s still quite a few people that go to church every week, and still many searching for something they just can’t find; yet at all times, it’s probably close by. If you think that going to church each week and hearing a pastor’s sermon is all you need, you’ll be nothing more than a spiritual skeleton trying to cope with life all during the week.

Way too many people try to feed their soul off a once-a-week sermon, and the sermon does not always apply to their life. So they go home empty and mad at the pastor or church for not meeting their needs.

Only by your own commitment to read the Bible daily will you learn and grow. It feeds your soul and fills in those empty areas that are going to be around each day. When you put your expectations on a Sunday or a Wednesday sermon to get you all the spiritual uplifting nourishment you need, you’ll come up short. Now and then those sermons will meet the current need, but will not always fill the gaps of those weekly battles life sometimes gives you.

Real growth for your Spiritual life will not come as much from others as what you will invest yourself in reading and learning God’s word and conversing with Jesus in prayer. It’s not hard to do, you just need to make the commitment to do it.

God wants to give you special attention every day from the Bible, for He truly is the only one who knows what’s really going on in your life and just what you need for it.

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