What is the Right Choice?

Every one of us has a free will. God does not impose his will and rule over us as a dictator. Even though He has the ability to make us do what He wants, He won’t.

God only wants us if we want Him unconditionally; that is how He allows us to choose. He gives us options, avenues, and abilities, but he leaves the decisions up to us while we’re here on earth. Some people think because God gives us this right to make choices, any choice is ok- but is it? 

I’ve seen some good families, and there are many who are faithful to the church.  They are good people, yet when it all comes down to their preferences, they often choose what they want, choose what will benefit them; they make their decisions on the economy’s standards or how it will affect their pocketbook and possessions.

They themselves draw lines and won’t cross them, even if they may be wrong. Not many really look at the Bible as their guideline.

Electing people for office is probably one of the most twisted and turned around ways I’ve ever tried to understand. A politician is not always a “Christian” just because they say they are. I once read how a lady referred to a political candidate as a good Christian. Now this candidate didn’t attend church very often, and this person has even said that the Bible doesn’t have to be fully followed because some of the passages are obscure.

Well, all I can say is there are some who believe that what it takes to be a Christian is different than what the Bible truly says. The Bible does not give us choices. It gives us true direction.  We then make the choice to follow it, or our own interpretation, and that will get many of us in trouble when we do.

Just because we don’t like what the Bible says doesn’t mean it’s wrong. We may fail it at times, but it doesn’t fail us.