The Time is Here

For years- even as a boy- I was told about the last days (or “the end of times” as we know it); of how there would be tragedies that would affect mankind. How peoples’ securities would crumble and great despair would begin to fill their hearts. There was much talk of many things happening just before the return of Jesus.

Well guess what? There are no more prophecies to be fulfilled before the last days can begin. When will this happen? I don’t know, but the majority of Bible prophecy teachers do agree we have now entered into the last days and we’re very close to seeing the hand of God in more ways than before.

States are going bankrupt; political policies are out of control and are more and more against the Christian faith.

Israel is faced with a military fight that could very likely get out of hand and bring in many countries that would turn on Israel, too.

Almost every politician talks of why we have these problems of economics and I believe we haven’t seen anything yet like we are going to, and the economy is not to blame, it’s sinful people. It’s because of dishonesty, sexual perversion, the lust of the flesh wanting things, building our own little kingdoms, changing what’s right to wrong to suit ourselves…

This is why California is bankrupt, the U.S. has debt we can’t pay back and why great possibilities of disease loom around us. It’s all because mankind’s sinful nature had to have its way, and here are the results.

And don’t forget those who were called to be lighthouses to the people. Many churches have done nothing to stop this, and sin will abound when good people nothing.

Take a good look where you’re at today and where you might be tomorrow. Is all well with your soul? Go to God’s Word and stay there daily and call upon Jesus.

He’s still listening for your voice to call upon Him and He will help you make it through whatever you might face.