The Only One Authority

The God who created you and set this universe into motion is the same God who holds your life securely within His loving hands. When problems arise and we cannot see clearly, the one thing that restores a sense of peace and rest is the realization that God is in control. In every set of circumstances we must remember that God has plans in mind for our lives.

The God of the universe is a personal, loving God who is aware of you. No matter where you turn in the Bible, you will find that there has never been a moment when God was out of control or out of touch with His creation.

Jesus wants us to reach out to Him when things become too difficult for us to understand or handle on our own. God is the one true, supreme authority over the entire universe. God takes control of every storm that threatens us.

In His sovereignty He prepares us for adversity before it arrives. Nothing that comes our way has the power to touch our lives without His approval. Some find God’s sovereignty difficult to understand. One of the things that helps us grow in the knowledge of God’s Word is to spend time reading it each day; marking specific promises helps us gain a greater understanding of who God really is.

Human helplessness is a potential strength in the eyes of Almighty God. Evil does not have power over us. He allows the adversity – but never to punish us.

We can be confident about the future because He has a plan for our lives. God is willing to change your thinking and your life. He has the power because He is God. No one has fallen so low that God cannot reach down and lift him up and bring beauty out of the ashes of our lives.

Talk to God about your life, He understands how you pray at all points of your life. You’ll find scriptures in the Bible that at times you’ll know were written just for you, to help you understand. That will build your faith and make you a very important ally in God’s plans for this world.