The Last Days

Like it or not, believe it or not, ignore it or not, we are now in the period of time which the Bible clearly defines as the last days of the end of time. There are numerous references to this in the Bible- Hebrews 12:27, or the books of Daniel and Revelation.

Yes, we are told of these days. In fact, almost every book of the Bible points us to this direction. Jesus himself taught to be ready in parables like the ten virgins and his words about the great tribulation in Mark 13.

Yes, we’ve been told they are coming and now they are here, the last days where God will begin to sift His church looking for those who are true to Him and those who just think they are. God even mentions this in Revelation 3.

We have all been told that there will eventually be an end, but what day will it be? Next year, a few months, maybe a week, or even tomorrow? Only God knows, and until that appointed day arrives He will continue to try and get our attention for us to see who we really are and what needs changed.

If you really want to face Bible facts, there are signs being given all the time indicating that what the Bible has predicted is coming true.

God is trying to get our attention before He has to make that final call. It is never His desire that any should perish (John 3:16). But some will because they wouldn’t listen and wouldn’t take notice.

Those who are truly in Christ have nothing to fear, but those who are not have everything to fear. Regardless, the sifting has begun.