The God Factor

It amazes me how many people who call themselves Christians can have such little amount of faith.

Time and time again, I have watched people who say they trust God turn right around and trust man for their needs and try to operate their lives in ways that are done by businesses and human reasoning principals.

What about God? Do we not then believe that the very source of all creation, who has unlimited ability and a great love for His people, would not show up to help us through life? He is not a now-and-then God, He is full-time all-the-time. He is right here to give to us not what we want but what we need.

Only God has seen our lives to the end, and He wants us to be fruitful throughout all of our lives. God is trying to help us on the path that makes it to the finish line, for there lies our greatest reward.

Why do many Christians forget to really trust and include God to balance out their lives? It is those who prefer to use human reasoning over God’s unlimited potential.

In 2 Chronicles 19 and 20, there is the story of King Jehoshaphat who faced great enemies and obstructions, yet he placed his problems before God.

Listen to what he says: “Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established.”

Many Christians don’t exercise faith the way they should because they don’t understand God’s word and because they are not taught the truth. I believe a greater reason is because they don’t study the scriptures. They learn very little about God’s Word because they don’t take time to read and study for themselves.

If you want to build your faith and put more of God in the decision-making process of your life and learn to trust Him, you are going to have to factor Him in all of your life daily. Then watch what can happen.