The Day is Coming

I’m reminded of how, as a child, I always heard about the last days, those times just before God stops time and every life will be affected. The Bible talks about things we will see, how life will be and how much the land of Israel plays as the axis of it all coming to a head.

There is no doubt to me, and many Bible scholars agree, that we have entered into what is known as the last days of the end of time as we know it. No one except God knows the exact day or moment, but we are constantly moving toward that great time in world history.

What will that day be like? I couldn’t say for sure, but there will be great chaos.  Many will be confused and hearts will become heavy with grief. Some people won’t understand, they won’t get what has happened, and many will try to explain it in some logical manner.

But there will be those who will know what has taken place. They will know enough to realize that they missed their great opportunity, and these people will be extremely sad, for they’ll wish they can go back and get another chance.

The Bible tells us that a few will still have the chance to make it. However, what they are going to have to face will be too hard to bear for most and few will find their way to God after that, “very few.”

Today many still believe they can live as they please and still make heaven in the end. Many people toy with God by being religious but never really surrendering their lives to His ways.

From where your life is today, where will you be found when the day arrives? It could in the next moment!