Sometimes God Lets Us Fail

This doesn’t mean that you are a failure as there is a much bigger picture here. One we can’t see with our human eyes but one that has been painted already.

It’s the story of our lives and how God sees us. All the details and finishing touches have been put in place; in fact this picture was completed before you were ever born because God knew you before you were in your mother’s womb, as the Bible tells us in Jeremiah 1:5.          

Every day of your life has already been planned out and your destiny set. But sometimes we think of ourselves too much and we decide we want the brush and we decide to try to paint our own portrait. When we do, the colors on the canvas of life get all mixed up.

How other people help contribute to this, as well as the God who cares for us regardless of what we’ve tried and the mess we’ve made, will allow us to fail until we are willing to put the brush back and look to Him to clean up what we’ve made a mess of. Even from our failings we can learn, and God will use it to develop a much clearer set of frames for us to see through.

In the end, God makes no mistakes, He just fixes them. Be willing to put the brush that has already painted your life’s story back into the hands of the original creator of it; then as days go by you’ll begin to see much more clearly by the unseen hand of the one who formed you and keeps you till the end.