Solid Walls of Prayer

There is a true story I have read of a place in the Middle East where a merchant was traveling with his goods and possessions.

He traveled through dangerous places where bands of raiders would attack these traveling merchant groups, rob them or even kill them.

As the story goes, a band of raiders followed this merchant group. One night, under the cover of darkness, they came to attack and found a wall around the camp. They were puzzled, because no walls had been there before.

The raiders were unable to rob the merchant and returned the second might to find the same thing, walls. They returned a third night to find the walls, but there were breaches and were able to enter the camp.

They held the merchant and were ready to kill him if he didn’t tell them how the walls came to be around the camp at night. The merchant said he really didn’t know but he had prayed every night for God’s protection to be around him and his servants.

Then the raiders asked why there were breaches in the walls. The merchant explained that he was very tired that night and hadn’t prayed as much before he fell asleep.

What about your prayer life? Do you pray enough? Does God take action everyday in your life? Do you pray half-heartedly, leaving breaches where the enemy can find his way in?

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