Sin Separates

Have you ever had a very close friend, and then as time went along something caused a division in this once-close relationship? Many of us may remember having this happen to us at least once in our life. We all have had good friends who were close in many ways, even spent some cherished times together, but today we hardly see them even though they live close by.

It takes two people to maintain a relationship, and both parties have to contribute or the relationship will fail. When Christian friendships fail, it usually means that they are on different paths spiritually.

One may have grown while the other may have begun to compromise their beliefs. One friend begins to avoid the other because God’s ways and man’s ways are never on the same plane.

God requires a life focused on Him. Only then is He able to help us resist the world’s draws. The moment you chose to take life into your own hands, then you are in charge, not God.

Sin will separate Christian friends! It has to, because God will not be a part of anything that has man’s hands on it. God is a jealous God and wants all of you or none of you.

We need to pray for our friendships. Pray that God will always keep the lines of communication open for discussion on the things of the kingdom. But when sin causes division, prayer is the only solution, because only God is strong enough to break through any stronghold that may need to be broken to bring your friend back to Him.