You know our lives are mirrors and are a reflection of who we are. We show others the kind of person we are in the way we act and the way we speak. Deep inside of us is the reflection of what we are made of.

Do you know what your reflection is showing? Do you know what you are really like inside? If you don’t know, then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you.

If you truly want to be a person that belongs to God’s family, then show it. If you need to make some changes, then learn to pray and get to know what God truly wants to have you reflecting to others. The Holy Spirit will begin to do a work in you that will bring about changes that you may not first recognize in the mirror of life, but it can be done if you truly want to be more like your creator.

Jesus gave us all a mirrored look at what our Father is all about, so there is our pattern, our example. Have daily conversations with the Father, learn to pray, and spend some quality time with the one who can make some unbelievable changes in your life no matter who you are.

The reflection of what your life shows will be the reflection of where your life will go.