Prayer Examples

Many people talk about praying and so they do, but how do they? Our prayers make a big difference and how we pray makes even a bigger difference.  Knowing scripture and being able to include it in our praying does give it much more power, and invoking the name of Jesus gives it greater authority. 

When a person’s spiritual heart is right and not full of unforgiveness and other areas God doesn’t want in our lives, we have a more open channel to be able to talk with God; telling Him everything, offering our thanks and praying to Him for who He is and what He can do. When you will line up with God, it will amaze you and others of how prayers are answered and how lives are changed- especially your own.

            I believe for those who know how to pray we should be setting examples of prayer as spiritual leaders to others. I remember once when my grandson stayed with me and when it was time for him to go to bed I asked him if he’d said his prayers. So, he knelt by his bed and I did the same, kneeling beside him. I listened as he said the very same prayer I did when I was his age.

After he was finished I said now I’ll pray and I thanked God for him, I asked for protection and directions for his life, that God would use him mightily for His kingdom and that he would always be a man after God’s own heart. I want my grandson to see that there is deeper place of prayer, but he will only learn it from examples that are set before him by others and myself.


If you say you are a person that prays, then what kind of example do you set for others to follow, for they will?

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