When I think of prayer and the awesome impact it can have on any life, it amazes me that Christians don’t use this powerful tool more. I watch Christians struggle and run to doctors- which is okay- but have they even prayed? Have they even tried knocking on God’s door first?

I’ve witnessed business deals, marriages, and eating a meal without seeing one sign of prayer. Many Christians really never give Jesus any real access into their lives or decisions, and then later they wonder what has gone wrong. I’ve done it myself, never realizing that the One who has all the answers does want for me to converse with Him and help guide me.

Sometimes I look back and say, “If only I could go back and fix what I did wrong before.” None of us can, but God has His ways. God knew we were going to mess up and He has ways to fix things that we may never understand. We can’t always go back and pickup broken pieces, but our prayers can do great mending.

I believe God honors all kinds of prayers when they are genuine and from the heart. If people would only envision what the possibilities of prayer can do where no boundaries can hold it back. There is no way our prayers can be stopped unless we do so by not praying, not being serious with God, trying to bargain or make deals, asking God to answer our prayers when we won’t even try to listen to Him or surrender our lives.

Prayer is a two-way street. God is always willing to step in and do it, but the hang-up usually comes from our unwillingness to obey His word and live our lives in submission to His authority. Many want God’s best and yet won’t give Him their own.

Want to impress God? Then do what you say you’ll do, be obedient to His ways, His word, and keep your word to Him. You’ll find that praying isn’t really hard at all. I know prayer can, when done with sincerity, change your life and others around you.

Prayer can fix areas of your and others lives that you thought were unfixable. You must apply faith to your prayers and regardless of what your human eyes see, never give up on God’s word and His ways. Don’t expect God to do things, fix situations or deal with matters like you would because He won’t.

But He can do what no man can for He is just who He says He is: God. He is the top authority for anyone to deal with. You connect through Jesus if He is your Lord, and prayer connects it all.

Why don’t people use it more? Because they never understood it for what it is. They give up too easily and let the enemy of our soul, Satan, get away with too much in our lives.

Jesus took any power Satan might have had when He came on the scene. Jesus’ death and resurrection gave us the authority He has to call on His power though prayer to step in from any direction and do the impossible. You have to believe, because when we don’t, we limit the power of prayer. But when we do, Jesus said it Himself: “With God all things are possible.”

Believe. Have faith. It says in Hebrews 11:6, “Genuine prayer is the key that unlocks the passageway between you and your destiny.”

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