Praise Over Prayer

Psalms 50:23 -- Whoever offers praise glorifies me and to him who orders his conduct alright, I will show the salvation of God.


Along with prayer comes the other key ingredient to having a fulfilling prayer life, and that is the area of praise.

God always knows our hearts in every situation, and He understands our prayers, but He loves our praise and the enemy despises it. For as we praise, giving God the glory and honor for who He is and who we are not, we humble ourselves to only look to Him- and this becomes a most powerful force.

When you’re in the middle of great trials and your heart is heavy, you can be lifted out by praise. Satan loves to see us struggle with our faith, but if you will just praise God, no matter the outlook or the physical responses you see, then again you stomp on Satan.

Just about the time Satan thinks he can trip you up, if you will truly praise God you’ll throw Satan’s plans into confusion and begin to put God’s plans into action.

Prayer, along with praise (the two are one; they go hand in hand) connect and exalt the Kingdom of God, and that will cause many to see Christ.

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