Obedience...More Important than Worship

Each week many people attend a church service. Almost every church has what they call a time of worship. Singing to God, which is to be a form of praise to honor God, can in some ways show respect for who God is to us. Worship from our singing praises is important, but what is most important is our obedience to our praise. Words are just that, “words-” unless they are practiced.

Different churches or individuals display various forms of outward worship: clapping their hands, lifting their hands, waving banners, or even dancing before the Lord. There are different displays of outward worship, but unless they are connected to the main form of worship, then it means very little. Sometimes worship is basically done for the people’s benefit because it is what they like.

Without obedience to God and following Him, these worship forms are only that. God is interested and takes notice of those who will do what He asks; those that are obedient to His Word and spend time with Him beyond those times of praise. People can get caught up in this area of worship, but true worship is how we act toward God the rest of the time.

Do we do what we sing about, are we faithful in how we conduct our life daily, does it honor God, and do we worship God beyond the Sunday service? Outward forms of worship are not really as important as our obedience to it.