Just Who is God?

This question has tried to be answered by many; sometimes people are just curious and other times people just don’t understand. You cannot separate the Bible and God, but some do.

They think that nature is God- and He is, but He’s also much more than that. Some think that power is God- and He is, but there’s still so much more.

Some believe He cares about the world, and others don’t. You can see His handiwork all around us. Some things are unexplainable, and there’s no other answer than that someone greater than us humans has done certain things.

Yet in all of this, still some refuse to believe. Why?

Because they want to be God; they think that we are all gods. Well, so did Satan, and look where he’s going to end up. Some people don’t want to believe in a real hell. But they’re going to find out the hard way, because they think what they chose to believe- regardless of facts- is going to matter in the end.

Oh, some people think that they’re in control, that they rule, that somehow they’re in charge and their word is final and sets the course of mankind for the world, but it won’t.

So just who is God? He is just who He says that He is. “I am that I am,” in Exodus 3:14.

Who is He? Well, He’s here right now watching this world and soon will be sending Jesus for us.

Where is He? Everywhere, for there’s not one place He cannot go.

What does He know? Everything. He knows all about you. He knows what you may not know even about yourself.

How do you really get to know Him? By studying the Bible and just learning to talk to him in a prayerful way. But to really get to know God you have to meet His Son, Jesus. You must ask for His help, invite Jesus to come into your life, ask Him to forgive your sinful ways, and give you a new start. Look to Him, for He is the only way to truly know God.