I Know

I don’t know how many more days I have left here upon this earth. I don’t know what all I might have to face while I’m here. I don’t know what is going to happen if the economy takes a dive or war breaks out and America is drawn deeply into it.

I don’t know about the real challenges of the future. But I do know who is in charge of it. I know that there is no one greater than God, and no one is going to override His will about any matter.

I know that all things are possible for those that put their full trust in God, and that I’ll never have to walk down the path of life’s journey alone. For it is Christ Jesus who will strengthen me and carry me if necessary.

I know that nothing will ever touch my life that hasn’t already been allowed to pass by God’s knowledge of such matters. I know that I have the Holy Spirit of the living God to help me every day as I live according to God’s plans.

I know that there is no weapon of the enemy that can prosper against me when I live by God’s Word. I know that my God is a present help in every place of trouble I experience.

And I know the calling of God is never voided from my life, that God’s plans for me are irrevocable, that He alone knows the very plans and purposes for my life to continue. So I walk in the confidence of God’s ability, not mine, through Christ Jesus.

No matter what I might face in the year ahead, I know that it is no match for God. No matter the many questions I have, my faith is in Christ alone, for this year and all the others to come.

So don’t look ahead with despair but set your gaze upon the only true God, and don’t remove it from the one who’s more than able to help you in 2024.