How God Works in a Life

How God Works in a Life

You know, it really is amazing how much God loves us and how much He desires to be a part of helping us with the way we run our lives.

Several years ago, God placed me in a job that I knew little about. Even though I had several temptations to leave that profession, I somehow felt that God wanted me to stay put. There were people who thought I should pursue a better living, but there were always a few that continued to encourage me.

I decided to remain faithful to God and seek His will; that is when I learned how to pray. I had no choice but to rely on God!

Many times I came to a crossroad where a decision had to be made, but I had no idea where to go. I really didn’t understand how a prayer could make a difference, but as I continued to study my Bible and seek God’s will, things began to change.

They seldom changed overnight, and I believe I changed more than anything else, but change did come! I now realize that this changing process has to go on continually.

God will move you up to reflect the levels of your Christian walk. The more you stay in constant contact with the Lord in prayer, the faster you will get where you need to be (and with fewer disappointments).

I believe there is no end to what God wants to do with a willing soul who desires to be used right up until the end of their life.