He Is Who He Says He Is

How many people think they’re in control, that they are the ones who cause things to happen, and believe they’re the movers-and-shakers of today? The future is what they will make it to be because they have these great gifts and resources.

They are powerful forces that can drive economies, change governments, and sway great groups of people.

Who are they kidding? People just like them have thought the same for centuries, but there is only one who has that type of real power; it all started with Him.

In fact, the very first words ever written about this said, “In the beginning was God and He created…,” and also, “He spoke and there was.” You’ll find this in the very first chapter of Genesis.

Some people really think they are in control when God says what He’ll allow and not allow. Believe it or not, God is in control no matter what I or anyone else thinks, and whether we like it or not doesn’t matter. God is just who He says He is, so deal with it.

Regardless of how we think, that’s the way it is. Our power doesn’t add up to enough to blow a baby’s nose compared to God. Only He started the beginning, and He’s finishing it, and only He knows when the end will be.

Oh yes, man tries to control, that’s where the problems get started. But ultimately, God is going to finish it. You can go with Him or work against Him- go to Heaven or go to Hell- because He is who He is.

He’s God, the only true God, and you’re going to have to deal with it one way or another. Don’t judge God by man’s standards, but try to live your life by His.