For much to go on in the world there has to be connections among people so that goods can be produced and moved, exchanges made. This all comes about from people connecting with others all over the world. These connections affect us all at times.

Did you ever think about how connecting with God touches other lives as well as your own? In fact, this is the greatest of all connections to ever be made because this connection will impact your eternal future and others as well. Without this connection ever being made, life here on earth will never have the meaning it was intended to have.

The one that created you, God Himself, has placed conditional connecting points all through your life. First of all, get connected with Him and then connected with others so that certain things can be done to affect many people.

There is only one way to first connect with God. It is to know Him by accepting Jesus, His Son, as your Savior, and allowing Him to become Lord of your life. Pray each day and read His Word. This will connect you to all other connecting points that your life will come into contact with.

The choice is yours. Just like an electric socket, when you plug into God, the power to do great things begins to happen.

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