Can God Count on You?

There are and will always be levels of decisions we will have to make - some decisions so serious that the rest of our lives and the lives of others will hinge on our answer.

Such was that of our 33rd President, Harry Truman. This man had to make some of the most heart-wrenching decisions ever made by a president of the United States, or even just for a man. After Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, his decision for America to drop two atomic bombs to finally end the war weighed heavily on his heart.

One can only imagine the pressure. According to his wife, the toughest of all his presidential decisions was to support the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine right after the war.

His anguish of the holocaust and his Christian upbringing again weighed heavily on his mind in November of 1947. He lobbied to set up a Jewish State which quickly met with much opposition outside the government and even more within. Some of his own advisors warned him of the fallout with oil-producing Arab countries.

President Truman held his conviction to support the Jews on May 14. The Jewish people made a declaration of a Jewish independent state to be called Israel 11 minutes afterwards. The White House revealed President Truman’s support of this.

Hard decisions don’t come easily, but we all have to face them at some point in our lives. As we do, they shape who we are and will become. God uses people to make His moves, and it is up to us to do what He wants, not what we think is best.

Our ways don’t measure up to what God already knows. The only way to know God is through His Word, the Bible. Knowing the Scripture and following His Son, Jesus, will bring it to life in us and others.

Can God count on you to make His right decisions?