By Praying

By praying we are building a relationship with God through Christ. The more praying we do, the more the building of the relationship. Our reverence to prayer will make a difference in how we pray and even how our prayers are answered.

We must be careful in our demands in prayer but look to more of what God demands. The flesh will want to pray for the human side and the spirit will want to pray for the kingdom. Kingdom prayers must always take forefront before our human ones. We must pray for God’s kingdom to be built before our own, always before our own.

Prayer has and will continue to impact this world more than most people will ever know about. The way we pray for the kingdom of God to move and shape the world we live in is also preparing and shaping us, so our prayers are always influencing today, tomorrow and eternity. It doesn’t matter how much you may pray, but that your prayers are sincere and not ramblings or formatted by a method.

It’s good to pray in groups and have people pray with you about matters. If just one person in the group has enough faith, sincerity or righteousness, God will act. Praying with others can make a big difference.

It is a must to do an honest daily self-examination of how we have been living our lives before God. If we don’t, parts of our spiritual lives will shut down.

Remember that sin has a way of touching our lives in some form or another every day. Some struggles we have may dog us for a lifetime now and then. That is especially why we must be constant in examining how we are truly living our lives before our Maker.

Satan may never get you to walk away from God, but if he can weaken you of your spiritual power or get you not to realize it, then he will. We must guard all areas of our lives daily.

There is nothing that Satan won’t try to trip you up; he will stoop as low as necessary if he thinks he can weaken your faith. And if he thinks you’re getting close to the edge he will wait until you do, but staying in constant touch with God will always move you back to center. God’s ear is always listening for an honest prayer.

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