Believe or Go Nowhere

If we don’t really believe God for just who He is, then we won’t have the power to believe God for our prayers to be answered. The quicker we realize that God doesn’t dance to our tune, the better off our prayer life will be.

God wants to touch lives through prayer- and in fact that’s the major way he does- but it is our prayers according to what He sees as the big picture that really sets the way that God’s going to go about bringing results.

And we have to be obedient to His answers as they come because very few times they are going to be just as we wanted them. The quicker that we allow God to bring about results to our prayers, the quicker transformations will come in the lives of others or ourselves.

No matter the request, accept the way God goes about answering it and be sensitive enough to His movements to know that He has. Your prayers will go in circles as long as you try to conduct them your way.

God hears, God Knows, He never sleeps, He never slumbers, and He’s always active. He’s big enough to do the impossible, and He will because He can.

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