All of Us Need Spiritual Audits

                This may sound a little strange, but if we will do an honest examination of our lives, spiritually speaking, our growth into God’s plans and purposes can move us much more quickly to the very places that will bring us greater satisfaction with life. If we will truly take responsibility with a continual spiritual audit process, assessing how we conduct our lives, this can help us to fix root causes of the very things that hinder our real growth. How we deal with issues divides us to either have a problem or get beyond the problem.

                God sees us very differently then we see ourselves. He sees our real potential and our heart toward Him and His ways. A so-called spiritual tune-up keeps us focused on where we are, and, if we will be honest, what needs to be changed so our lives run more in tune with the causes of Christ. Most people are just satisfied to run their life’s course “as is,” sometimes running through life smoothly and other times doing some major repairs. We are spiritual beings. What we look like will soon fade away, but what we are inside will cause us to take on that look forever.

                Everyone needs a spiritual tune-up. More often than not it causes that spiritual compass God put inside each one of us to get realigned with the directives that He has laid out for us to do. At the end of each life there will be a spiritual report done on us made up of how we conducted that part of our life here.