Who We Are

KNEO Radio operates in the Neosho-Joplin area of Southwest Missouri on the 91.7 FM signal. It is KNEO's duty to provide you with the programming you need to be an informed Christian.

In the day we now live in, it seems that hearing the Word of God is rare. Many substitutes are offered from many pulpits across the land, but here at KNEO our mission is clear: impact society, never compromise the message of the Gospel, and be flexible with the methods used to get the Word out. Times change and so do people, but God's Word never changes!

There will be discontent even in our own ranks at times and some will want to challenge the Word and how it relates to today's world; however, here at KNEO the Word stands firm and from that we will broadcast daily. We must make prayer our number-one priority and the study of the Bible the guide to accomplish the mission of Sky High Broadcasting.

The establishment of KNEO as an FM signal came through the efforts of several individuals. One such individual was Kim Mailes, who at that time was the pastor of Abundant Life Assembly of God church in Neosho. Another influential person was Steve Gardner, who had technical experience in radio and was crucial in getting KNEO on its feet.

Our History

  • KNEO became an official radio station and operated from Abundant Life Assembly of God church on the 91.5 FM frequency. It was broadcasted from a 70-foot tower at 380 watts. When KNEO began, the station was on-air from 6am to 6pm everyday. Bill Nichols became pastor of Abundant Life church in 1987, and within six months, KNEO was on the airwaves full time.

  • The radio expands its signal another 10-15 miles by renting a translator at 106.3 FM.

  • KNEO moved to its present location on Hwy 86, west of Neosho, and with the move KNEO changed its signal to 91.7 FM. KNEO began broadcasting with 2,760 watts of power from a 340-foot tower for 24 hours a day from a converted two-car garage, covering a 35-mile radius.

  • Mark and Sue Taylor founded Sky High Broadcasting, which today owns KNEO Radio.

  • KNEO raised its power to 4,600 watts, now covering a 50-mile radius.

  • KNEO was given the opportunity to expand its radio signal. KNEO's output power was increased to 14,000 watts and today covers a 65-mile radius in the Four-State area.

Our Team

Mark Taylor

Mark is President of Sky High Broadcasting and GM of KNEO Radio He also hosts Crosspoint.

Sue Taylor

Sue is our Vice President of Sky High Broadcasting and the host of Faith to Live By each morning.

Adam Winkler

Adam is the Director of Operations for KNEO and the voice of many high school athletics games you hear. He also hosts Naturals Newsflash during baseball season.

Roberta Foster

Roberta is KNEO's Traffic Director, which means she schedules all the programs you hear throughout the day.

Andy Farmer

Andy is our Production Director, so he makes sure all our programs have a high-quality sound. You can hear him on Today's Issues and Cardinal Corner each morning.

Ben Wolcott

Ben is an Production & Operations Assistant for the station and can also be frequently heard on our sports broadcasts.

Clark Matthews

Clark is an Operations Assistant. On weekdays, you can also hear him hosting Author's Corner during your lunch break.

Molly Brown

Molly is an Operations Assistant,she records our Community Calendar and the weekend Author's Corner Review.

How We Work

  • Our Commitment

    KNEO Radio is committed to use the voice that God has given us to honor and glorify Him and to help further His kingdom purposes in the day in which we now live. With the ability to reach a populated area of over 600,000 people in the 4-State area and the ability to also reach millions more around the world via the Internet, KNEO realizes that we have a voice that is greater than most church congregations and we are committed to fulfilling God 's plans that he has for this ministry. We consider it a great honor that God has chosen us to represent Him and be about His business here on the earth at this time. KNEO will not back down from spreading the truth, we will always be moving forward and seeking God's council daily until He decides to make an adjustment. This radio ministry is not about our labors but about God's plans being fulfilled. We are Radio that impacts the future.

  • Our Accountability

    KNEO Radio continues to grow, and as we do we want to always assure our donors and sponsors that we consider your support valuable. KNEO is governed by a Board of Directors, and from the board we have selected a finance committee that oversees the entire cash flow of this ministry. This committee goes through a four-step process that acts as check and balance systems for the ministry.
    Each May an audit is conducted at KNEO by a local CPA firm. This is just another way to make sure your gifts and donations are being handled properly.
    KNEO is also a member of the Missouri Broadcasters Association and we pay for a mock inspection every two or three years to make sure all of our operating procedures our inline with what the FCC wants.
    We are also members of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, which requires its members to operate in complete integrity. We realize that we are not only accountable to you and others for how we operate but are watched by a much greater, heavenly authority Who we will have to give an account to as well someday.

Our Board of Directors