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Prayer's Potential (Paperback)
By Mark Taylor (Author)

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The point of this book is to help and encourage people to pray and in some way to get prayer going in ones life. The answers to living in this world are by being in contact with God, the Author and Creator of the universe and you.

Mark Taylor has been involved in ministry since 1988. He and his wife, Sue, live in Southwestern Missouri. They are both Bible teachers and own Sky High Broadcasting Corporation.

Xulon Press, Copyright 2008, 137 pages


What God Can Do (Paperback)
By Mark Taylor (Author)

**Item will ship to USA Addresses ONLY**

Taking the journey to know the One who created you is the greatest journey one can take; but very few do, missing so much. We talk with so many people in a lifetime, but seldom take the time to really have conversations with the God of all the universe whose knowledge is unlimited. Through this book, maybe you'll find a richer walk with the God who wants you to know Him better.

Mark Taylor is like many of us, just another student in God's giant classroom. For many years Mark has served in the area of Christian broadcasting. He is also a speaker, writes for several newspapers weekly, a pastor, and serves as a law enforcement chaplain.

4State Printing. Copyright 2015. 94 pages



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