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Mark Taylor

President of Sky High Broadcasting and GM of KNEO Radio

Mark started with KNEO in 1988 as a volunteer, gradually moving to part-time, and then as a full-time staff member. Over the next few years Mark moved up the ranks filling the position of station manager/general manager eventually forming Sky High Broadcasting with which today he holds the position of President.
Mark started his career with no radio background; however, God set him up and led the way with Mark having no idea what was coming his way.
Mark is married to his wife Sue, and has many kids and grandkids.
Mark's hobbies include writing, Bible study, hunting, riding horses, and outdoors activities.
Mark also serves as Chaplain for the Newton County Sheriff and Neosho Police Department.
He is also on the Newton County Central Dispatch Oversight Committee in our local area as a citizens representative.

Sue Taylor

Vice President of Sky High Broadcasting

Sue started at KNEO in 1997. For many years she worked as the Office Administrator handling accounts and payroll.
She is currently the Vice President of Sky High Broadcasting.
Sue met Mark at KNEO and they eventually married and have several kids and many grandkids.
Sue enjoys cooking, baking, Bible study, and currently has a radio program on KNEO "Faith To Live BY". Sue has also spoken to women's groups and leads Bible studies for women.

Adam Winkler

Director of Operations, Sports Play By Play

Adam joined KNEO in mid 2005. Adam and Roberta are the two longest tenured staff members of KNEO with the exception of Mark and Sue. From an early age, the Lord burdened his heart to be in Christian radio but his desire was to be a sports play-by-play broadcaster. The two have been a perfect fit at KNEO.
Adam and his wife Jill, have 3 children.
Adam attended Ottawa University in Ottawa, Kansas and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Communication with an emphasis in Sports Broadcasting. His early experience was obtained with a stint at KTJO 88.9FM, the campus radio station at Ottawa University. He worked his internship with Sports Radio 810 WHB in Kansas City. He has been behind the mic for 14 State Championship games. Adam is the voice of Webb City Sports with our KNEO Sports Network and fills in elsewhere as needed.
Adam enjoys spending time with his family and kids, coaching his kids sports teams, running, and volunteering at his home church. The Winkler family are avid KC Royals and Chiefs fans!

Daniel Moore

Web Development, Digital Media Coordinator, AR/AP

Daniel has worked for KNEO on two different occasions. He first started with KNEO in 1987 shortly after the radio station launched. He started out as a volunteer eventually going to a year of full time status. During that time he was the music director and the voice of the youth oriented evening show "Youth Connection". He left in the early 90's to work in different professions. He returned in early 2018 as the Web Development and Digital Media Coordinator. He also now takes care of all the financials and assists with HR functions as well.
Daniel is married to his wife Michelle, and they have three adult children, 2 dogs and 2 granddaughters.
He also runs a ministry, Connecting The Gap, where he does a weekly podcast and blog through his website He also runs a business where he does computer sales and repair.
Daniel returned to KNEO after Mark followed God's lead and opened the door for him to return. Daniel is happy to be a part of the ministry of KNEO. Daniel and Michelle are serious Longhorns fans and love the St Louis Cardinals and love serving at their home church! 

Roberta Foster

Production and Office Support

Roberta Foster came to KNEO in 2005 all the way from Alaska! Roberta was serving as station manager at KAKN Radio in Naknek, Alaska where she had been employed since 1992. Mark had offered her a position with the station in 2002 which she declined, and then again in 2004. In 2004 Roberta followed God's lead and stepped down as manager at KAKN and took her role at KNEO. Roberta helps with production and helps staff the front desk daily.
Roberta has a degree from Western Wisconsin Technical Institute for Administrative Assistant and one year of studies at AFLC Bible School. She also audited two radio broadcast classes at Brown Broadcasting School in Minneapolis in the early 2000's.
Roberta enjoys Tupperware sales, Hallmark movies, and serving at her local church. 

Ben Wolcott

Traffic Director, Sports Play by Play

Ben started with KNEO in 2017. Ben came to KNEO from Vermont. Ben has a BA in broadcasting and worked at The Light Radio Network in Vermont for 2 years while home from college. The former GM of The Light went on a mission trip with Mark and told him if there was ever a job opening he had the perfect guy for the job. Mark followed that lead and brought Ben into the mix. Ben handles the traffic for the station daily and also handles production and sports play by play. Ben handles a majority of Seneca Indian Sports and fills in where needed for our KNEO Sports Network.
Ben enjoys running (has 4 half marathons and 1 full marathon under his belt), going to baseball games, and hockey is his passion. He especially enjoys the Vermont Catamounts and Boston Bruins.

John Ball

Public Relations

John Ball joined the KNEO staff in late 2018. KNEO had a gap in the Public Relations sector and John was a perfect fit to fill the position. John came on as a part-time position specifically as an opportunity to share his faith. John attended Crowder College and in the late 60's to early 70's he worked at a local radio station, KBTN. John also worked for the Neosho Daily News for a season which helped prep him for his career in management and public relations. John is also currently one of our voices for the Neosho Wildcat Sports Network.
John is married to his wife Glynda and has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.
John likes to golf, fish, farm, and go on short term missions trips. John currently has been on 5 mission trips to Haiti and 3 to West Africa.
John also serves in leadership positions in his home church.

Molly Brown

Operations Assistant

Molly started with KNEO in mid 2014 as a volunteer. She was volunteering multiple times per week and eventually it worked into a part-time position in late 2014. Molly graduated from Crowder College in 2017 with an Associate of Arts in Spanish.
Molly became familiar with KNEO and its ministry after her dad's company started doing computer work for the ministry. Her dad also functions as one of the board positions for KNEO as well.
In 2016 Molly became a certified Fitness Trainer and started a personal training business from her home. When she isn't at KNEO she spends most of her time coaching clients from her gym. She is also certified in Corrective Exercise, Fitness Nutrition and Pre/Post Natal Fitness.
Molly enjoys baking (which encouraged her to be a personal trainer), tending to her families hobby farm, and working with kids in her church AWANA program.

Luke Taylor

Social Media Director 

Luke Taylor considers KNEO as his first job as a teenager when he worked for us for the first time starting in 2007. Over the years since, Luke has been with us multiple times in a part time status. He recently came back as a full time employee in October 2022 after a short time away due to employment in the ministry of a local church.
Luke has degrees in journalism and communications from Crowder and MSSU. He also attended the School of Ministry in Springfield, a 4-year program with the Assemblies of God.
Luke has also worked for the Neosho Daily News and some other local papers while he was in college. He loves the Neosho area and building relationships within the community.
Luke and his wife, Emily, have two sons and a pug named Marty.
In his spare time, Luke hosts a Bible study podcast called, Cross References, where he has an extensive study of Ezekiel and much more available on several platforms including Apple, Spotify, YouTube and pretty much anywhere else you get your podcasts.
Luke's current role with KNEO will include but not be limited to running all of our social media platforms as well as filling a support role with the KNEO Sports Network providing camera operation, video editing, and more.
Luke likes to see where God is doing things and he tries to operate in that space. Luke can see the many things God is doing through KNEO!

Our Commitment

KNEO Radio is committed to use the voice that God has given us to honor and glorify Him and to help further His kingdom purposes in the day in which we now live. With the ability to reach a populated area of over 600,000 people in the 4-state area and the ability to also reach millions more around the world via the internet, KNEO realizes we have a voice that is greater than most church congregations and we are committed to fulfilling God's plans that He has for this ministry. We consider it a great honor that God has chosen us to represent Him and be about His business here on the Earth at this time and in this season. KNEO will not back down from spreading the truth, we will always be moving forward and seeking God's council daily until He decides to make an adjustment. This radio ministry is not about our labors but about God's plans being fulfilled. We are radio that impacts the future.

Our Accountability

KNEO Radio continues to grow, and as we do we want to always assure our donors and sponsors that we consider your support valuable. KNEO is governed by a Board of Directors, and from the Board we have selected a finance committee that oversees the entire cash flow of this ministry. This committee goes through a four-step process that acts as a check and balance system for the ministry.
Each May an audit is conducted at KNEO by a local CPA firm. This is just another way to make sure your gifts and donations are being handled properly.
KNEO is also a member of the Missouri Broadcasters Association, and we pay for a mock inspection every 2-3 years to make sure all of our operating procedures are in line with what the FCC expects.
We are also members of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, which requires its members to operate in complete integrity. We realize that we are not only accountable to you and others for how we operate, but we are watched by a much greater, heavenly authority to whom we will have to give an account someday.

Our Vision

Vision can change, and may need to be altered, but its the values that always need to stay the same. Our values are based on the Word of God which never changes.

1. Without vision we can't address the future!

2. Without vision we won't accomplish our purposes for being here!

3. Without vision many people will perish in their sins if we don't show them the way out!

4. Without a vision many Christians will struggle where they are at and never get above where they could have been!

5. With a vision of what God sees, there is hope in a bright future. Lives will be impacted throughout the world where God gives us influence. If we will be faithful to our call, stay focused on God's plan for the future, and dedicated to the place where God has put us to impact people for the cause of Christ, great things will happen.

6. With vision, we can help others get involved in the task they were called to do. Because of that, Heaven will become larger and we can be assured of hearing, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

Our Board of Directors

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