Christian Living



Only when God’s people are willing to pay whatever price is necessary to fulfill the call of God on their lives and become vessels of God’s power and …



For much to go on in the world there has to be connections among people so that goods can be produced and moved, exchanges made. This all comes about …

Believe or Go Nowhere


If we don’t really believe God for just who He is, then we won’t have the power to believe God for our prayers to be answered. The quicker we realize …

You Can Be Used!


Some Christians have reached out to God many times, while others only a few. Then there are some who have cried out to God because their struggles …

God Has No Limit


There is absolutely nothing that can be presented to God that He is not able to handle. In every situation, no matter how small, the first thing we …



You know our lives are mirrors and are a reflection of who we are. We show others the kind of person we are in the way we act and the way we speak. …

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